かずさDNA研究所 特任研究員の公募について(7/22新着)

団体名 : 公益財団法人かずさDNA研究所

募集職種: 特任研究員

募集人数: 1名

団体の説明: かずさDNA研究所では、実用植物を対象としたゲノム構造・機能解析やD

職務内容: 本公募では主に実用植物を対象とし、次世代型シークエンサーなど先端的ゲ

応募資格: 生命科学系の博士号(農、理、工学など)取得者。

1 履歴書(写真貼付)
2 研究業績一覧(主要論文2編に○印を付け、別刷り各1部を添付)
3 これまでの研究の総括と今後の活動に対する抱負(計1,000字程度)
4 推薦者と連絡先(2名、推薦状は応募時には不要)

選考方法: 当研究所の選考委員会で選考します。なお、第一次選考合格者については、

着任時期: 令和2年10月1日以降(相談に応じます)。

勤務地 : 千葉県木更津市かずさ鎌足2-6-7 かずさDNA研究所

雇用期間: 1年間
* 勤務成績が優秀である場合は、3年間を目処に任用期間を更新することが
* 任用期間中(更新期間を含む)に顕著な業績が認められる場合は、研究職員
処遇・待遇: 当研究所の規程に従います。

応募締切日: 令和2年8月31日必着


特記事項: 応募書類には「特任研究員応募書類」と朱書してください。(応募書類は返却しません。)

■ 書類提出先
郵便番号 292-0818
住 所 千葉県木更津市かずさ鎌足2-6-7
部署名 (公財)かずさDNA研究所企画管理部総務課

部署名 (公財)かずさDNA研究所先端研究部植物ゲノム・遺伝学研究室
担当者 磯部 祥子(いそべ さちこ)
電話 0438-52-3928
FAX 0438-52-3934

Postdoctoral position available at the Lab of Plant Genomics and Genetics, Kazusa
DNA Research Institute

A postdoctoral position is available at the Lab of Plant Genomics and Genetics,
Kazusa DNA Research Institute (KDRI), Kisarazu, Japan. The project will use
NGS to carry out a large-scale genomics and/or genetics study primarily on
practical plant species. We seek a scientist who has experience and knowledge in
plant genomics and genetics, and who is willing to develop a novel analytical
approach for plant genomics/genetics in both wet and dry approaches.

Background and setting
The lab has performed de novo whole-genome sequencing and large-scale genetic
analyses of a wide range of plant species for basic and applied research fields.
Recently, we have focused on the development of novel genomic and genetic
approaches for species that have complex genome structures such as polyploidy.
The institute is located in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, approximately 1 hour from
Tokyo by public transportation.

Term: One year beginning in October of 2020. The contract is renewable for up to
three years based on performance. If performance is distinguished during those
three years, there is a possibility of appointment to a regular position.

Applicant eligibility: The applicant must hold a doctoral degree in the field of
biology at the time of application submission. Wet lab experience in DNA analysis
is also required.

To apply: Applications should be submitted by postal mail (in Japan) or email
(outside of Japan), with a CV (with a photo of the applicant and a description of
tasks you expect to perform at KDRI ) and contact details for two references. After
documentary elimination, interviews will be conducted at KDRI or by Zoom.
Applications must be received by August 31, 2020.

Postal mail address:
Kazusa DNA Research Institute
Kazusa-Kamatari 2-6-7, Kisarazu, Chiba, 294-0226, Japan

Sachiko ISOBE
Tel.: +81-438-52-3928; Fax: +81-438-52-3934