Asia-Pacific Geneticsセミナーのお知らせ(5/9新着)


The 1st Asia-Pacific Genetics Online Seminar series


【講演者】Tomoko Ohta
【タイトル】“Near-Neutrality, Epigenetics and Transposable Elements.”
【司会】 Hideki Innan



Announcement of Asia-Pacific Genetics Seminar series

The Genetics Society of Japan (GSJ) and the Genetic Society of AustralAsia (GSA) have agreed to
work together in hosting regular international seminars (ZOOM format, in English) with the aim of
further developing the field of genetics and promoting international exchange between researchers in
Asia and Oceania. While our societies have worked together with the International Genetics
Federation in developing this concept, we seek the involvement of other societies in our region in
organizing future seminars. We have pleasure in inviting you to our first seminar.  It is our great
honor for us to have Dr. Tomoko Ota to be the speaker.

The 1st Asia-Pacific Genetics Online Seminar series
Date: Tuesday, May 24, 13:00~14:00 (Japan time)
Format: Online (English) using ZOOM (40 minutes for lecture, 20 minutes for Q&A)

Speaker: Tomoko Ohta
Title: “Near-Neutrality, Epigenetics and Transposable Elements.
Moderator: Hideki Innan

We look forward to your participation. We would also appreciate it if you could forward this information
to anyone around you who may be interested.

Asia-Pacific Genetics Seminar  Working group
Philip Batterham    University of Melbourne
Peter Dearden        University of Otago
Catherine Grueber  University of Sydney
Naoki Irie              University of Tokyo
Junko Kanoh         University of Tokyo
Masato Nikaido      Tokyo Institute of Technology
Lee Ann Rollins     University of New South Wales