Kihara Award and Encouragement Award

The Genetics Society of Japan has established two awards to promote the progress of genetics and to inform the public of outstanding research achievements. The Genetics Society of Japan Kihara Award was established in honor of Dr. Hitoshi Kihara, who has made world-renowned achievements in the field of genetics and evolution, especially in wheat research. The Genetics Society of Japan Award for Encouragement is given to a member who is actively engaged in outstanding research in a specific field of genetics and is expected to achieve great results in the future.

(Note) The Genetics Society of Japan Prize was awarded from 1939 to 1967, but was discontinued in 1968 due to the effects of university conflicts and reopened in 1983 as Kihara Prize.


The GGS prize is awarded to one or two outstanding scientific papers published in Genes and Genetic Systems (GGS), a journal published by the Genetics Society of Japan. Papers are nominated by GGS editorial board members and editorial advisors and selected by a joint meeting of GGS editorial board members and editorial advisors. This prize started in 2005 when it is awarded to papers published in GGS in 2004.

BP Award

The BP Award was established in 2001 at the 73rd Annual Meeting of the Genetics Society of Japan (held in Tokyo) to commemorate the first meeting of the 21st century. The BP Award was established to encourage ambitious research by rewarding an outstanding presentation in the annual meeting, to inspire those who will build the future of the Genetics Society, and to contribute to the development of genetics. The winners’ presentations will be published in the supplementary journal of Genes & Genetic Systems (GGS), “Toward a Paradigm Shift in Genetics” (until 2018, “Genetics in the 21st Century”). In addition, plenary workshop lectures by the previous year’s award winners were started at the 82nd Annual Meeting in 2010 (held in Sapporo).