Invitation to the 94th Annual Meeting of the Genetics Society of Japan

The 94th Annual Meeting is scheduled to be held at the School of Engineering, Hokkaido University from Wednesday, September 14 to Saturday, September 17, 2022. The conference will be a hybrid of face-to-face and online meetings, although it may be held online only, depending on the situation. Please mark your calendars if you would like to attend. Key information will be posted on the convention website ( as it becomes available.

As in previous years, the conference program will include symposia, general lectures, workshops. Besides these, it also includes poster presentations by graduate students at the master’s level and below. Two symposia, one domestic and one international, are being planned. As in previous years, we will also be accepting workshop proposals and encourage you to apply.

The BP and YBP awards will be presented at the General Meeting on the third day of the meeting, as in previous years, as we believe that decisions on the BP and YBP awards during the exhibition are impressive. We hope you will be excited to participate in the meeting until the very end. For students who have difficulty in receiving travel expense support from their laboratories, etc., a support system is available from the meeting. There is also a flexible support system for circumstances related to childcare and nursing care. We hope you will take advantage of these supports.

On September 17, we will hold a public lecture entitled “Evolutionary Genetics of New Coronavirus Mutants Emerging One after Another”. Although it is a public lecture, we will gather the most advanced researchers in this field, and all members are welcome to attend. Please add also this lecture to your schedule. The title of this meeting was decided when we applied for the Grant-in-Aid for Publication of Scientific Research Results. At that time, we envisioned a post-pandemic summary and could not expect the subsequent outbreak of omicron strains. We hope that the epidemic will subside soon.

Recently, Sapporo does not become cold after mid-August, and September is a comfortable season. The vast campus has giant poplar trees, virgin forests, the Sakushukotoni River where salmon once ran upstream, Trillium, a natural treasure used in the design of Hokkaido University’s school emblem, black lilies, and other rare organisms, farms, ranches, cultural heritage site, museums, archives, and others. Many historical monuments are also placed here, such as the Wheat Monument, which commemorates the beginning of wheat research by Dr. Hitoshi Kihara, statues of Dr. Clark and Dr. Inazo Nitobe, and the “Birthplace of Artificial Snow” monument. September is also the time of year supplied with many summer and fall foods and magnificent nature.

We look forward to seeing you there.

The 94th Annual Meeting of the Genetics Society of Japan
Toshinori Endo, Chair of the Conference Committee

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