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Wordbook in Genetics

Wordbook in Genetics, Genetics Glossary with Bilingual Glossary (Supplement of Life Science, Genetics) was published in September 2017. In this book, we propose to revise genetic terms.Click here for details.

A revised version of “Wordbook in Genetics” (Genetics, Supplement No.25) was published on March 15, 2021.

GSJ Communications

Toward a Paradigm Shift in Genetics (BP Award)

The BP Award was established in 2001 at the 73rd Annual Meeting of the Genetics Society of Japan held in Tokyo to commemorate the first meeting of the 21st century. The BP Award was established to encourage ambitious research by rewarding outstanding presentations in the annual meeting, to inspire those who will build the future of the Genetics Society, and to contribute to the development of genetics. The winners’ presentations will be published in the supplementary journal of Genes & Genetic Systems (GGS), “Toward a Paradigm Shift in Genetics” (until 2018, “Genetics in the 21st Century”). In addition, plenary workshop lectures by the previous year’s award winners started at the 82nd Annual Meeting in Sapporo in 2010.